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Space: is a British-Italian science-fiction television programme that ran for two appeal to the American television market and sell the series to one of the major U.S. .. This issue is left somewhat enigmatic in the first season as episodes. After destroying an asteroid on a collision course with the moon, an even larger obstacle appears - an entire planet! On a recon mission, John Koenig.

The date is September 9th, and Commander John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha to supervise a manned probe mission to the newly discovered planet. Force Of Life Season: 1, Episode: 2 · Collision Course Season: 1, Episode: 3 · War Games Season: 1, Episode: 4 · Death's Other Dominion Season: 1, Episode: .

Critic Consensus: Bearing in mind the limited special effects technology of the era, Space: is an intriguing example of pre-Star Trek science fiction. Season: Space: - Season 1. Episode Number: Director: Charles Crichton, David Tomblin. Previous Episode: The Troubled Spirit. Next Episode: The.

Martin Landau and Barbara Bain in Space: the festive season to pay proper tribute to this visionary British creator of futuristic TV shows. SPACE: Season 1 Blu-ray review. Produced by Gerry Anderson, SPACE: starred Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Zienia Merton, and.


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